by Elizabeth Forsythe


John tells me geosmin rise after rain

i’m sketching charcoal into tetrahedrons& ask why

one type of surgical stitch is called a mattress stitch         this type is

incredibly secure &

good for fragile skin or larger lacerations

[6C10H15O7 + heat]

he says plutonium is not the most unstable element


if we are chemical compounds this frightens me

John takes my own diseased brain

& says  [i know]


so i say you don’t & he doesn’t disagree he offers me

his lungs & says [here] they are


olanzapine haloperidol lithium

quetiapine oxcarbazepine risperidone

topiramate lamotrigine fluoxetine

carbamazepine aripiprazole ziprasidone

tuberculosis is treated by vaccination

[bacillus calmette-guérin vaccine] & antibiotics


later i count beige-brown-red-grey & pierce my tongue with a stickbug

everything happens one way for yes and the other for no i haven’t figured


which is which instead John & i wind some daisy chains around the



there are at least 56 trees in the world John says

the sky is g-r-e-y i like the way it looks

a word i sometimes use is succedent or fixed

this means we autumn in the north & at one time

could have been ruled by the difference meaning war

[C50H10O + 10CH2O]