Volume 2.4 — August 2007

Death Valley Junction, CA by Karen Halverson

Editors' Notes

Rejecting Silence


Sayantani Dasgupta | bio


March mornings can sometimes be balmy, just as it was today, although Delhi is supposed to remain pleasant this time of the year....


Semia Harbawi | bio


The judge’s voice was stern and low-keyed: “This court sentences the accused Omar Laârbi Samet to eight months of imprisonment for the physical and moral injuries he inflicted on the plaintiff Sana Samet.” My eyes locked with my brother’s in a staring contest....


Karen Halverson | bio


Ronda Broatch | bio

How We Begin to Repair

Honeysuckle, jasmine, lily. Heavy heads
of peony droop before the shears. No rain...

Jeff Calhoun | bio

How to Make Yourself a Small Target

Never build a gun from scratch.
Better yet, pretend not to know
the ontology of a gun, claim ignorance...

Jared Carter | bio


In the field walking
he sensed a darkness,
some shadow crossing...

Not at All

It was not an apparition,
not a voice beginning to speak.
More like water finding its way...

Pat Daneman | bio


I was an egg in two parts in my grandmother’s hand. I was an apple...

Times Square

Here is a photo taken so long ago
no one had any gray hairs or
drinking problems or a burden
of sadness too large to carry....

Harvey Goldner | bio

Merrily, Merrily

We called it big money for a long time,
then we raked a pile to burn and
learned that its burning is delightful...

Benjamin Russell | bio

Fugue State

In my hand I’m holding
a can of tuna in aisle five
when the lights go out....

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