Tess. Lotta is a Los Angeles native. Currently, she is finishing her MA in English (literature and literary criticism) while teaching creative writing and tutoring. She curates the Literati Cocktail reading series and serves as editor for Media Cake eMagazine. Her journalism, poetry, and photography have appeared in such publications as Knock, poeticdiversity, The Raven Chronicles, Clamor, Bust, Rockrgrl, and The Stranger. Information on her creative projects can be found at www.litparlor.com or myspace.com/tess_lotta.

In answer to our question of why she writes, Tess. responded:

"O.C.D.-inspired mania and the eventual victory martini. No, kidding (well, sort of). I catch myself making excuses to pass up the daily work of writing; but, in the end, I think I’m addicted to the payoff when something interesting hits the page. I always feel blown away by what I learn when I take the risk to move past the initial carnage and into something cool, something promising-something worth the work-and it survives and grows, especially after my critique group or one of my generous mentors have had at it. I remember how satisfied I feel to earn it in that way and how grateful I am for the process."







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