Lisa Meaux is presently teaching Fine Arts Survey and English to high school gifted students in Lafayette, Louisiana, where she has lived all her life. She has always loved reading and hearing good stories, and since her participation four years ago in the National Writing Project of Acadiana, she’s learned to love writing them, as well. Lisa has had a short memoir, entitled "Acts of Contrition," published in Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined, and Uptown Books has included in their animal chapbook a memoriam she wrote to her deceased pet chicken, Nica.

In answer to our question of why she writes, Lisa responded:

"There are a million reasons NOT to write. And there is not a single way for me to articulate why I do it anyway. But I can say that while I crafted 'The Property’ into a piece I could be proud of, I saw with sharper focus the landscape I call home. In my search for the best metaphors or the most vivid descriptors for any piece I’m composing, I see and hear and taste and feel with a pulse that is shelved when I’'m not writing. Maybe it’s the way a junkie feels-I’m just a better version of myself when I’m using words."







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