Peter Kahn is a founding member of the London poetry collective Malika’s Kitchen. His poems have been published or are forthcoming in various journals including The Bellingham Review, The Fourth River, and Lumina. He is a prize winner in the Poetry Society’s National Poetry Competition (UK) and was a finalist in the Fugue poetry contest, among other competitions. A high school teacher since 1994, Peter was the recipient of the Wallace Douglas Award for contribution to the Chicago youth writing community.

In answer to our question of why he writes, Peter responded:

“I will admit that I am a teacher first and a poet second. I mainly write, therefore, to be a good role model for my students and to create sample poems that will help them write their own. I also write when I am inspired in workshops led by writers I admire such as Terrance Hayes, Roger Bonair-Agard, A. Van Jordan, Afaa Michael Weaver, Mark Doty, Malika Booker, Jacob Sam-La Rose, and Roger Robinson.”







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