Kyle Stanley’s most recent work revolves around the struggle of the blue collar lifestyle and the father-son relationship there involved. His poetry and music have been accepted to various journals but “Blue Collar Mosaic” is his first published prose piece. He is co-creator/editor of Toska Journal, which will be presenting its first quarterly issue in January 2012.

In answer to our question of why he writes, Kyle responded:

“Obstacles exist to be embarrassed, norms to be made weird, doubts to be put down like a rabid coyote. A million reasons not to write cower against one reason to pick up the pen. My body will lower into a grave but my words might reign forever. My hands tell stories in scars just like my father’s and my grandfather’s. The simple possibility of putting the ‘impossible to tell’ into a unique collage of language drives my blue collar beaten body into a fury at the end of the day. Any night might be the last and that is reason enough to subjugate all the fears I face as a writer for the chance at leaving a mark on this world.”







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