For the Lovers Abandoned in Sunlight

by Brenda Hillman

Some friends had broken up-;

i didn’t think they should,

  but still…    (The bees had also

flown away to the chrome woods—

   maybe the workers went ahead, but how?

No one understood—) The lovers

  lifted yeses    then a no…

  Why?   (let’s not get into

a whole thing about it…) Their hours never

  snagged despair;   why could they

not have loved each other more?

     One day the hive returned,

like a gold thought in the gray

context of an oversight…

   the lovers would find others

all too soon with basic need less

  passionate than the first; i went on

  with my reading & the bees worked

right up to the finished dusk

      as if their house would stay

     near mine in a drought-

    tested thicket remote in time—

[Sound Traces]

you promised our love would live

 in time         in a spill-tested thicket

  remotely mine—

i promised our home

      could stay in time in a drought

tested thicket remotely thine

and so on…