Arlene Ang  

And God said let there be economy class passengers

the kind who are served hot meals
to keep them in their place. They’re allowed

to brush against the business class
on their way in, but remain in the dark

about exactly who climbs the stairs
to first class. He created plastic knives

which presupposes that each of them
is a potential terrorist. God made it so

that they never ask why an omelette
is green or who fried the fish into a plane

accident. With her duty-free cart,
the stewardess big-bangs the elbows

of those seated near the aisle. God made
the transparent cups, the wailing children,

the crackly sound system, the smell
of feet as shoes come off, the two a.m.

diapers clogging the toilets. God saw
all this and thought that it was very good.


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