Scot Erin Briggs

Target Practice

You hand me the gun / camera / baby
and I have to remember where to rest my
arms / eyes / fingers
up and away from the
lens / trigger / body
We were

                                               a family
you say
back when people fought / felt / saw
right things
the right way

You hand me the gun / camera / baby
Millions of people
The most important thing
You must not be afraid

I fumble with the
magazine / focus / body
and forget to
support the head
cover the ears
remove the cap
crouching into a position that will
compensate for my being a woman

You hand me the gun / camera / baby
and the first shot cracks, shriek comes as
primer sparks race the flash hole
explode the powder
light slows and bends
strange arms are felt

You call High! There! Do! and when I
hesitate you look me in the eyes and you
spit and say
some day your life may depend on this


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