Bottle Chimes, Maine
"Bottle Chimes, Maine" by C. Marecic

House Keys, D'Aquila
House Keys, D'Aquila" by C. Marecic


Aaron M. Fortkamp | bio

The Spider Does Not Know Love

An elephant’s heart can weigh up to sixty pounds.


A blue whale weighs as much as twenty-two elephants. So its heart weighs… carry the two...


Lobsters have a nine-month gestation period.


Tarantulas can go for two years without eating. They do this not for lack of food but because they are trying to make a point..... [more]

Stephanie Friedman | bio

I Want the Copy that Dreams

Jean felt nettled for no reason she could name, a prickling just beneath her skin. Usually, a few hours in the library would soothe her like a session in an immersion tank. Today, she could not block out the chattering students who broke the seamless silence into staccato bursts, their conversations about hookups and house parties ruffling whatever placidity might have settled over her. She set down her pile of books with more of a bang than she had intended, and began to sort what she would take home from what she would leave behind. [more]

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The Collection Issue
Volume 7.1 | Spring 2012

Editor’s Notes:

The concept of “collections” runs the gamut in our imaginations. It might conjure up spooky dolls, something Havisham-like and desperate, or what it’s like to be a child enthralled with certain trinkets. I myself, at age eight, collected Scratch-n-Sniff stickers which I lovingly placed in an old family photo album—relegating the actual photos to a shoebox.... [more]


Brently Johnson | bio

The Raisin Invasion

When my sister got kicked out of the house for good, my mother filled her bedroom with raisins. Once she had replaced her furniture—the ratty blue chair, the mattress pocked with cigarette burns and the yellow bean bag slumped in the corner—with a white wicker ensemble suggesting we had suddenly moved to the beach, she covered every surface of that room with purple, hard plastic raisins. They had been all the rage only a few years before as part of an advertising blitz for the California Raisin Board and quickly became pop icons of the ’80s as groovy claymations dancing and singing to Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” on TV. .... [more]

Locks, Florence by C. Marecic
"Locks, Florence" by C. Marecic

Andrea Spofford | bio


What I know about elephants: Jumbo the elephant was one of P.T. Barnum’s most famous exhibits. He was killed by a train. Elephants were not present in America until the late 18th Century and menageries didn’t start travelling with circuses until the 19th Century. Circuses have animals, carnivals have rides; circuses stay only a day or two, carnivals linger. There are two kinds of elephants: African and Indian; both their habitats and their bodies are threatened by humans. .... [more]


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