Corey Mesler

The First Lovefall

We all went outside.
Love was gathering in puddles
in the declivities of the parish lawn.
It was the first lovefall
and some of us thought we knew how
it would end. Some of
us were optimistic suddenly.
Gayla took me to the basement and
undressed my wounds.
The first lovefall brought this out in
some women. I was happy for it.
It went on loving
till late in the evening. We knew it
was a blessing. We knew
it was the kind of thing we would never
get used to, never take for granted.
Gayla put some love
in the freezer. It was a child’s faith
and we adored her for it.
We also knew that love didn’t last in
the freezer, but no one had the heart
to tell Gayla this.


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