Popcorn by Jake Dorr

View from Charles Bridge by Jake Dorr


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View from Charles Bridge


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The End of the World


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Volume 2.6—December 2007


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Thoughts from the Waiting Room in St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver

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Requiem for Poor Richard

Tiffany Bold at State Finals

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The First Lovefall

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Love Song in Reverse



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Bath Junkie

The coals were graying, but Bill poked at them anyway. He caught himself doing it and tensed to hear her criticism. It didn’t come. He glanced at her. She was distracted, watching the sky.

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The Property

The dinosaurs died. Mountains bulged and seaways closed. The Mississippi River clutched a fistful of brimming earth and carved through the newborn continent to an ancient bay on the Gulf of Mexico. Only the fine-grained sand, silt, and clay remained when the Mississippi opened its fingers and spread out Louisiana.






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