Sea to Land by David Warren
12” x 18”, linocut


David Warren | bio

Atlantis Exists in my Prodigious Memory

Sea to Land


Arthur Saltzman | bio

Trompe L’Oreille

...Although especially in contemporary movies it is true that high-tech special effects get much of the publicity and most of the budget, it turns out that verisimilitude still depends on cheap tricks...


Patrick O’Neil | bio

There’s a Crackhead at My Window

I don’t mean there’s a crackhead outside that I can see through the window. I mean there’s a crackhead pressed against my office window. He’s on the ledge...

Wayne Scheer | bio

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

It’s not easy growing old. No, not just because the body won’t do what the mind remembers — although that’s no picnic, believe me...


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Volume 2.3—June 2007

Editors’ Notes

From the Brink

Swing Shift Writers Series

featuring field reports from working writers


Michelle Bitting | bio

Be Attitude


Jim Fisher | bio

I Think

Point of View

Kit Kennedy | bio

Hanging onto the Rocks


Emily Evans Larson | bio

On a Winter’s Walk

Jacqueline Powers | bio

The Banyan Tree

Climate Control

Aleah Sato | bio

What This Poem Will Do

Jane Wong | bio

5 Facts

Sarah Zale | bio








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