God is the Mind with which I think
by David Arthur-Simons



David Arthur-Simons | bio

God is the Mind with which I think

Into His Presence would I enter now


Jamie Lin | bio

Just One Moment

I lofted my bed this morning. If I knew he was coming over, I would have waited. Short people should never have to wrestle with their mattresses alone.

Catherine Uroff | bio

The Baby Held Up to the Window

She’d always start the story slowly. “Well, darling,” she’d say, reaching out to touch my hair and stroke it between her fingers, “What do you know?”

It was a rhetorical question. It took me awhile, too long really, to realize that she wasn’t really asking me for information. I’d stutter and try to think of something, anything to say.


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Volume 3.2—July 2008

Editors' Notes

New Editor/New Issue


Timothy Gager | bio

my dear god, we are all so small

Sarah Layden | bio

In the Trunk

Something In the Way

The Tax Clown

Felicia Mitchell | bio


Jacqueline Powers | bio

Coming Home

Continuum Mechanics

Thin Ice

Laura Sobbott Ross | bio

Red Tide

Susan Slaviero | bio

The wife of swords inventories buried items


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