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Portage Glacier, a photograph by Jim Fagiolo
Portage Glacier by Jim Fagiolo

Volume 3.4—November 2008

Artwork | Fiction | Nonfiction | Book Review | Poetry | 2008 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Editor’s Notes



Jim Fagiolo | bio

Blue Lake | Portage Glacier | Ruby Beach | Third Beach


Jeremy Griffin | bio

Once the Queen Is Gone

The idea was to drive to Louisiana overnight and show up at Petra’s doorstep and tell her things about love and fulfillment and mistakes and forgiveness. Whether or not I actually meant any of these things, I couldn’t say, but it didn’t seem to matter; it was the spectacle I was going for...


Denise Falcone | bio

Theirs Was an Enduring Music

It’s a little late for name-dropping but still, I’d like to tell the story about my mother, who grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, in a house across the street from Frank Sinatra...

Book Review

Shedding Our Skins by Ronda Broatch

Poet Marvin Bell says, “I wanted to see the self, so I looked at the mulberry.” In many ways, this is exactly what Ronda Broatch explores in her new chapbook, Shedding Our Skins.


Jeff Hanson | bio

Damage Control

If you are alone, washing a few dishes, and it’s winter,
it’s night, it’s raining, and you see your son’s faint
picture floating at the window in a cold light, moonlit...

San Diego A.A.

I have a problem.
I used to like to go to the park,
drink a little wine.
But my life was lonely...

Brently Johnson | bio

On Hearing Bad News

She called today and

Said they were on the way
        To the hospital

Said          for me to keep the lord by my bed
Said Nothing...

The Artist’s Father

In the moments between watching my son
       draw a picture of a turtle without a shell

and thinking what a fine poem it would make
       to write about my son drawing a picture of a turtle without a shell

he’s added a purple squirm of a tail as well as a fifth leg...

Brent Fisk | bio

The Liger at the Hogle Zoo, 1952

My stripes are deep inside my body
as if I sucked the marrow from their bones
long before my birth...

Gregory Lawless | bio


In my last life I came back
as a mountain, which was punishment
for the life before
when I was plummeting snow...

Amy Nawrocki | bio

There Are People in the World

There are people in the world, I’m sure of that,
seen with their comings and goings, umbrellas,
rain-coats decorated with loose buttons
and the long belt that loses its way out of one loop...

Too Bad About the Rain

Too bad about the rain, washing away the roadside
as the pond overflowed. If I had painting as a hobby,
I’d paint a lone man feeding ducks
by the side of the road—his pants, ankle high...

Pushcart Prize Nominees

1. "To the Fighting Fish" by Sarah Bonifacio

2."A Pebble from the River for Annie" by Doug Bruton

3. "Something in the Way" by Sarah Layden

4. "Thin Ice" by Jacqueline Powers

5. "And She Flew" by Michelle Reale

6. "On Failure" by Brandon R. Schrand


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