Sea of Hats by Sheila Smart
"Sea of Hats" by Sheila Smart


Sheila Smart | bio

Silhouettes at Quay by Sheila Smart

Wharf at Southend by Sheila Smart


Kelley E. Shinn | bio

Taking Heart

In the main lobby of the Hotel Tuzla, a painting hangs of nine, life-sized women standing side-by-side. The wall to the right of the painting is entirely glass so that the sun throws a spotlight on each woman, one by one from morning on, until they all bask in unison for an hour or so before nightfall. [more]

Scott R. Tucker
| bio

Where I Wake Up, a Hospital Has Been Built Around Me

She will call me tonight, or tomorrow night, God willing.

We will start over. Those are the words she used.

After leaving our Political Science class, I followed her to the Indian restaurant on University Way, in Seattle near campus, and she ordered masala palak and later I followed her home. Our eyes met once across the restaurant as we ate, as you see it happen sometimes in U.S. movies. [more]

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Volume 6.1 | Spring 2011

Editor’s Notes—Say Yes

Here we are readers, at our unusual meeting ground, the editor’s notes, which means we editors have completed yet another issue of our journal and have officially entered our sixth year of publication. Welcome! [more]


Siobhan Casey | bio

Bats in the Basement


We like the dark

to go quiet       for the space
in our room to expand
before we have time

to rub our voices together ... [more]

Brittany Perham
| bio


There is the semblance of being cared for
in the white, made-up bed,
and in the women on the balconies
repairing the hems of their dresses ... [more]

Poem for the Beloved’s Lover

He holds you all night, other pale other, the ether ... [more]


:what we entered into faithfully,

as the moon’s strict route, as the green’s insistence on the trees.

We believed in ourselves this capacity.... [more]

Roger Bernard Smith | bio


what I said was if I hear Sweet Georgia Brown one more time
I’m going to avoid Atlanta altogether and head on down
to Tallahassee without remembering how I got there ... [more]

Jeffrey Taylor | bio

Gone with Summer

Air, this air,
shifting autumn
reminds me

of her ribcage
panting in the doorway.... [more]


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Jacqueline Lyons
| bio

Not a Vague Province   


Where I am very early in the morning
           and sometimes late at night

Waking to the quietest hum, no matter
where the door, chair, light from somewhere

How often do you come here?

Every time I do (dance, dance, dance, drink, drink) ... [more]






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