The ALL POETRY issue
Volume 7.3 | Fall 2012

"Rustican Reef," photography by Sheri L. Wright

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2012 Pushcart Prize Nominees

Editor’s Notes -- Force Fields

This new issue marks the seventh anniversary of Blood Orange Review. Everything changes in seven years. If my calculations are correct, I have consumed 5,110 cups of coffee, eaten 728 slices of vegetarian pizza, and accumulated 5,096 hours of a sleep debt since our first issue. [more]


Sheri L. Wright | bio

Fading Sun by Sheri L. WrightLaid Off by Sheri L. Wright


Cameron Aveson
| bio

Clearing Trail

Each mile matters when you’ve never been on the back of a horse
before and now there are thirty ahead of you and it’s day three
of seven and you’ve just started your new job and when Rex decides
to make you ride in front, you try to adjust yourself in the saddle
every few minutes without making it look obvious ... [more]

Leaving the Back Country

Whistling into the empty
meadow: bluegrass gone
gold, chapped lips cracked,

one boot up on a fallen
cottonwood. I look for long
ears rising behind willow

thickets, listen for the faint
rumble of hooves ready
to take me home ... [more]

Nikki Paley Cox
| bio

Boleros, June

The last time I remember breathing
was early June at the Goodman,
the end of Boleros for the Disenchanted
we held each other under house lights like
we were the elderly Puerto Rican couple
upstage right ... [more]

Wendy Drexler | bio

We Can’t Keep Getting Away with Everything If We Want to Stick Around

Did Monet love the light more than he loved
           Rouen Cathedral? Or did he need to stand
long enough in the same place to see

                    that nothing stays, even
the stones of evening are eroding ... [more]

Wondering About the Animals on Noah’s Ark

Night-quartered are the sheep.
The sorrow of the sows. All taken

into confinement, skyless stalls
and dark pens, singled out, chosen ... [more]

Lowell Jaeger | bio

A Salesman’s Song

Traveling back from Hot Springs last
night, late enough not to worry
over the day’s calls left undone,
a side road I’d often passed
called in the voice of a million yellow flowers ... [more]

He Spits a Little Gravel,

                                     and revs
his over-worked half-ton up my drive.
Tools and today’s lumber
clacketing in the back, twelve foot two-by-sixes
lashed over the cab. He’s mine

for hire, as many days as I can pay
this octogenarian bantam-weight handyman ... [more]

Michael P. McManus | bio

Hemingway Reincarnates as Liberace

Sitting at his piano, he belts out a show tune about Dietrich
in bed with him at the Ritz in Paris.
His stubby fingers remember her
as they muscle the piano keys ... [more]


Pushcart Prize Nominees

for the Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses XXXVIII anthology (2014 Edition)

Nancy Flynn, The Winter We Lived in the Church & It Snowed Daily & the First Barrel of Crude Oil Traveled Successfully Through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (poetry)

Aaron M. Fortkamp, The Spider Does Not Know Love (fiction)

Brently Johnson, The Raisin Invasion (nonfiction)

Abbey Numedahl, Handspring (fiction)

Andrea Spofford, Elephants (nonfiction)

Alexis White, You Asked to Come In (poetry)


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