Snowfall by Elizabeth Zaikoski


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Editors’ Notes

Talking Circles

We all have our habits that give our lives (and the lives of those around us, even strangers) a structure, a refrain, one that sometimes barely varies for long stretches of time. Regardless, I've been noticing circles-in movements, in habits, in thoughts and words. All these circles seem like the imprints of rain on lake water: disparate but blending, ephemeral yet vividly concrete. I see circles of thought articulated in this new issue of Blood Orange Review, too...


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The Guy That Roller-Skates on Stage

These are the rules. Stepfathers in stories ruin stepdaughters with their dirty desires. Women empowered by sex are dark and cool and in love in a take-it-or-leave-it way. Homeless people contain within their rags and stench a shining, bright truth. Battered women can produce guns at a moment’s notice.


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Volume 2.5—October 2007


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And God said let there be economy class passengers-

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Bioluminescence-luciferin catalyzed by luciferase

Ayn Frances dela Cruz | bio

The Five Colors of Sorrow

Brent Fisk | bio

The Hangman’s Last Knot

Todd Heldt | bio

Gather Us

David W. Landrum | bio

A Reincarnated Friend Swims into my Ken on a Beach in Australia

The Reincarnation of an Old Girlfriend Keeps Me Awake One Night

Don Mager | bio

Helping Verbs Work: Solutions to an Old Equation #35

Helping Verbs Work: Solutions to an Old Equation #36

Wendy C. Ortiz | bio

Some Scars

Sasha Pimentel Chacón | bio


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On Appearance

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